On the Atlantic coast of southern Namibia, a city makes its way into one of the most unpopulated territories of Africa. Luderitz has grown like a miracle, becoming a model society in many ways.


A few kilometers away, Kolmanscop, the ghost town of diamonds, is swallowed by desert, abandoned by man when greed was consumed. Maybe that’s why the founders of Luderitz learned the lesson and built a more livable place … And all thanks to fishing.

“The city that was born from the sea” has many protagonists. And one of the most outstanding is nature. The wild desert environment, which devoured the city of Kolmanscop. The town where Nelago and her family grew up. The vibrant city of Lüderitz, with all its color. The rough sea with its horse riders. The documentary wanted to do justice to the environment, using high quality image technology, cameras on drones or timelapse.


And all this framing the stories of its protagonists, the true authors of the transformation of the city. Always surrounded by life and activity, they explain their experience with their own words.


The composition of Iván Palomares guides an epic and inspiring montage that allows the spectator to immerse themselves in rhythms that fuse the tribal and the contemporary, a true reflection of the features that the Namibian city looks like today.