Capitana Nelago Kwedhi


Nelago Kewdhi is the first Namibian woman to have achieved the title of captain of a ship. Born in Ondangwa, north of Namibia hundreds of kilometers from the coast, she felt the call of the sea looking for a better future. She studied at the Namibia and Fisheries Institute (NAMFI) in Walvis Bay and, for 16 years, she works in Novanam (one of Pescanova’s subsidiaries in Namibia).


She is currently the first official (subcapitana) of a fishing boat.


“I am a lucky woman. I think my story will inspire people. ” And it is that Nelago means “Luck” …


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General Director of Novanam. “Workers are the best value of the company” For Edwin, workers are the first and most serious responsibility.


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Group senior manager quality control. “Quality means the commitment that we do what we say. Lüderitz is a very remote area in Namibia, but we made it our home. “


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Shift leader production. “I started as a production worker and they promoted me. I currently direct 500 people. “


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Llewellyn is a trainer in Lüderitz and is clear that the important thing in a company are people.


“Your commitment is essential to achieve a quality product. The people are our best value. Therefore, we take care of all of them and we look after their welfare at all times “.


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HR Manager of Pescanova in Lüderitz. For Immanuel, Lüderitz was considered a ghost town, but after independence, when the fishing industry was installed, people began to go in search of work. In his own words, the result has made this place come alive.



Nursery director for the children of Pescanova employees in Lüderitz. She started as a cleaner, cook, teacher … and today she is the director of a center where 143 children go up to 6 years old. Ivonne is an example of involvement with the community and reminds us that the future of a city is built from childhood.



After more than 20 years working as head of the Novanam store in Lüdertiz, Elizabeth can not imagine the inhabitants of the town without consuming fish … Nor all the surrounding cities that also supply from there.


A few years ago, in the town of Lüdertiz and the surrounding area, no fish was consumed, and only through the Novanam shop, they have access to it.



Brigitte is currently the Deputy Mayor of Lüderitz. She started her working life at the Novanam factory cleaning fish in the production lines. She was promoted in the company and, after working in the company for 16 years, decided to devote herself to politics. She is convinced that we must stop thinking that positions of responsibility are only a matter of men.